Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 goals and musings

In the same way I loathe NYE I am not really into making resolutions. There is nothing worse than people who are 'gunnas.' You know, going to but this house, going to buy this car, going to lose this much weight, going to go on this holiday. Don't talk about it if you are going to do nothing about achieving it!

However, setting goals is something I want to become better at, and even better still at achieving them. At the moment the things I want to work towards this year are all really vague. I will aim to clarify and quantify them so I can measure them over the next few weeks.
In a very un-Virgo like slip up I forgot to get myself a diary before 2011 started. I thought I would have an iphone by now (yes I am the last person in the world to get one) and I'm feeling a bit lost organisation-wise.  The Moleksine one I always get I couldn't find in stores, but I bought it from Fishpond with free shipping and 57% off. Hopefully it is delivered fast.

My goals this year are pretty standard. What I want to do though is think about how I'm going to do them and what that will mean. Here is a start:


  • exercise more. I am not playing netball any more because of my knee and I can really feel the difference. I want to run! Boring I know, but I'm not even really concerned about my weight. I want to feel better and feel like I did when I was exercising with Nicole (my old PT) and motivated to do more myself
    • Finish the 'Couch to 5k' running plan. Using this podcast from Spod I want to get through the whole 9 weeks. Last time I got to week 5 before my knee bunged it, so I will take it easier at the start this time
    • Do a yoga class weekly. Flexibility! Mix in some Bikram with this outside of the gym 
  • eat better. As above, boring! We majorly overindulged in the weeks up to Christmas and boy can I feel it!
    • make food at home, eat out less
    • be organised and shop for what we need
    • meal plan
  • finish my Diploma finally! I have my last exam coming up in about 6 weeks and I just want to pass the thing to get it over and done with. Actually, I would like a Credit, minimum. Better get reading!
  • invest more in the sharemarket. My portfolio has been waaaay down, GFC stlyez, but things are really great at the moment. 
    • read more and learn more
    • keep the profits in my account and grow, grow, grow them
  • buy another investment property. I really don't now how achievable this one is in 2011 but at the very least I want to start working towards it
  • get my Bronze Medallion. Again, not sure if this will happen but work towards it at least
  • complete the City 2 Surf. I thought 2010 would be the year but my knee stopped all that. I will keep up the physio and see what I can do
  • see more movies, especially at the Dendy
  • do more crosswords and work on not forgetting words!
  • lastly but definitely not least, invest in my marriage. Things are amazing with Mr CB and I. We are beyond lucky to have each other. We love coming home to each other. We are each others best friend. I want to keep it all that way. 

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