Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Day Out

Had an awesome day, such low expectations will do that to you I guess. 

It was hot, but nothing on previous years I thought. Sweated up a storm regardless. 

We saw:
- Dead Letter Circus. I can't ever concentrate on this band because I know a guy in a band called Dead Letter Chorus and it always confuses me. But for the seconds I paid attention they sounded great
- Andrew WK. The man is insane to still be party hardy in that heat
- Gyroscope. Sadly they didn't sound great on that stage which is a shame as they are normally so good live. Heat. 
- Deftones. I was going with the flow and had no intention of seeing these guys but they were pretty cool. Getting old
- after stuffing around, we barely made the end of Crystal Castles and only heard the one song, Not in Love, which without Robert Smith wasn't the same. No Crimewave. Sad face
- Iggy and the Stooges. He is so cool and dare I say it, hot
- Rammstein. I don't get the fuss (and I can't remember that I did back in the day) and they should have had the light show on later and darker, but they were fun
- LCD Soundsystem. Even though it felt like they played for 5 minutes and played barely any songs they are still just amazing. All My Friends is probably my favourite song of the last 10 years. Well that night
- MIA- so so so disappointing. I made the biggest fuss about the bus coming late so we could stay for her whole set and it was just so boring. There were snippets of how awesome she used to be (Bucky Dun Gun, Paper Planes, Boyz)  but for the most part it was yawn fest.

Some dude in the Boiler Room
For some reason the crowd didn't really annoy me this year. I know, shocking. There seemed to be so many less people there, but then again I avoided Tool. Ribena again saved the day to avoid drink lines. All in all I had a really tops day.
Peter having a nanna. It was already his 3rd BDO so we can cut him some slack

James Murphy. God.

I now have the BDO flu, spent all weekend on the lounge shivering/ sweating alternately. No wonder, it would have been a breeding germ paradise!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday thoughts

  • just got back from a spin class, despite being mega sweaty I wasn't really that into it
  • submitted my LAST assignment last night. One more exam then I am never studying anything finance related ever again
  • BDO tomorrow. Pete has organised a mini bus, no public transport, yay! What to wear in 39deg? Eep!
  • got an email asking me what I want on our rider for Laneway. Shit got serious!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Puppy shower @BBC

ie, a rad excuse for lunch and margaritas in the sun.

Pretty excited to be hanging out with some of my favourite peeps @ Beach Burrito Company today.


CORONA – $6.95

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Op shops and mail

I haven't had an op shop win for ages so was stoked with this bag today. Suede, drawstring top, shirt handles AND long handles (I've decided all handbags now must have two sets of handles) and super cute tassles. Best part? $3! Strange as I don't think I have seen a cool handbag in an op shop for anything less than 5 gazillion $$ lately, so I would have paid the whopping $6 full price tag. 

 I couldn't resist these new Havaianas for $1. Either someone better hurry up and have a girl or I am buying another pair and putting them on the puppy!
 I also got a few cute singlet tops and a nice/ slobby checkered shirt for Mr CB. Grand total $11. ABOUT TIME!!

In the mail today there were no bills. I know, I'm shocked too. Instead Nylon Guys arrived from the great land of the Americas. The guys' one is kinda better than the girls'. I am flattered that Carla Zampatti (and her lovely daughter) still send me catalogues after one purchase. Maybe one day I will succumb to the gorgeous tailoring again.

QLD floods before and after

Drag the line across to see before and after aerial views. Insano.

A dude at work bought a PS3 and donated it to our social club to raffle off for fund raising. Cute! And such a good idea, they have already raised heaps.

Not Miranda Kerr

Dear Fitness First (and the general public),
I am yet to read this article, but if you are going to tell me that a certain diet and exercise will give me (or anyone else) a body like Miranda Kerr I will lose it. Do people really believe this? Do they not realise she is a freak of nature and that is why she looks that way? 

I will give you the benefit of the doubt as I normally really like your magazine. 
The end. 

New cups at my coffee shop. Cute!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Uncomfortable gold

Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes monologue.

Did they not do a run through before it went to air? No one looks to happy/ willing to laugh. Which makes it even better.

Great timing at work this morning for a mid-morning boredom hit, plenty of red carpet action to pour over. Lots of green. Lots of colour. Somehow still lots of boring. Nicole Kidman I am talking to you! And Angelina, perhaps you have listened to my shouts of BORING over the years at your black/ cream sheaths, but in long sleeved green you still look the same. How? And are you OK?

Juianne Moore
Anne Hathaway
Michelle Williams (damn her and her cuteness!)
Kyra Sedgwick
Sandra Bullock's hair

Saturday, January 15, 2011

First puppy visit

To say I was excited is the understatement of the century. I barely slept last night, kept waking up thinking of puppies. Today was such a long time coming. It seems so much has stood in the way of me getting a dog, burnt down houses included. But it is finally happening! Deposit paid and tears shed. 

How we are going to choose one is just beyond me. I was really hoping Mr CB would have a fave, but he, like me, is in love with them all. They all have such funny personalities and traits that make them so cute and I want them all. One of the boys is such a trouble maker, the other four were asleep and he kept niggling at them to wake up and play!

The size difference between these guys and the other litter born three days later is huge, they are still so tiny. These guys are becoming big chubbers and are so wobbly on their feet it is so adorable.

Zara, their mummy was there, along with their other six Frenchies. What a life!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Floods and crazy times

I have been trying to think of words to post about the floods in Queensland. I still can't.

Last week when the news had snippets of water-logged country towns I thought little of it. In the industry I work in I hear about disasters and smaller scale losses nearly every day. When I got an email saying my Brisbane office was being evacuated boy did I start paying attention. 
The extent of the damage is amazing. So many lives lost because of weather patterns. The story of Jordan Rice, the little boy who wanted his brother rescued first just breaks my heart and I am crying just thinking about his gorgeous little face.

The shock I felt over the past few days has turned to anger at looters and people taking advantage of the situation. I want to hear the stories of spirit and mateship and overcoming this horror, not these morons. Paul Pisasale, the mayor of Ipswich had a great idea about using them as flood markers.

Mixed in with this sorrow and devastation I am already starting to get sick of the insurance company bashing. Having worked in home and farm insurance I would love a dollar for every time I offered a customer something, they didn't want to pay for it, and they then turn around and demand it be covered when something happens. This is a massive scale and I am sure there are many genuine cases that deserve thought but please, look into things a smidgen before you ring a radio station and rant about something you have no idea about.

My mum is on flood watch in Victoria and she is starting to get scared. Though she is pretty high she will be isolated if the waters get much higher and she hasn't wanted to go into the shop. But what do you do? Life must go on to some extent. I hope her puppy isn't too scared, he is a bit of a wimp!

My heart goes out to all those people who had no choice but to leave their animals behind.

Anna Bligh is a woman who I have always admired (even if I don't agree with some of the things she stands for) but she has come out of this looking like a bloody legend.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

180 degrees south- Friday night at home

"Conquerors of the Useless, That's What We Were." -Yvon Chouinard.

Friday night at home, I had every intention to start studying for my exam in a few weeks. Mr CB put on one of the DVDs I bought him for Christmas, and let's just say it doesn't take much to distract me. 
Not your average surfing flick, this one had the most spectacular scenery and was an amazing adventure. It follows the story of Jeff Johnson, who journeys to Patagonia, retracing the steps of his idols Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins (of Patagonia and North Face). I want to go to Easter Island, stat. 
The environmental message was pretty strong also. As Yvon says, man knows they are going in the wrong direction, but what do they do? Turn 180 degrees south and keep going? What is progress?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Foods and healths

I am yet to fall off the faux-resolution bandwagon! Go me! I've been to the gym or for a run every day this week and my body is in a world of pain but it's good pain. Like struggle to get out of bed pain!

This insane weather has wreaked havoc on my little garden. Not much is thriving. Basil- died. Zucchinis- died. My little finger eggplants are bucking the trend though. Yum!

These habanero (ie, ridic hot) chillis should be about 5 times in number by now.

Lunch has been salad almost every day. Why does tuna not taste as good in springwater as is does in olive oil? Hmm. In my exxy Ikea bowl is dark greens, four bean mix, tuna (without the oil, boo), chia seeds, olives, lemon juice, fetta and homegrown cherry tomatoes. Probably all eaten first because they are so super sweet. Today I put chopped boiled egg in it and it wasn't as nice.

Rice paper rolls for dinner last night. Mr CB is a machine at rolling these babies. His had coriander to the max. Ick. There are little bits of chicken amazingness in there. I marinated little strips in hoisin sauce, soy, spring onion from the garden and garlic. Nom.

Despite my diet in the 4 or so weeks leading up to Christmas being the worst in the history of bad diets, my nails and hair are going mental. I need a fringe trim already and I'm cutting and filing my nails every 2nd day. Long nails freak me out. Which is probably a lot to do with my lack of anything other than a stub under normal circumstances. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Triple J's Hottest 100 2010

I struggled to get 10 votes together for the Hottest 100 this year. 2010 was not a great year for music for me. I liked a lot of stuff but there wasn't a lot I loved. The only two songs that really, really grabbed me were

Crystal Castles - Not In Love {Ft. Robert Smith}
andMark Ronson & The Business Intl - Somebody To Love Me {Ft. Boy George & Andrew Wyatt}

and even those were probably more for the nostalgic voices. Anyway, my 10 votes:

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Best Coast - When I'm With You
Crystal Castles - Not In Love {Ft. Robert Smith}
Kanye West - All Of The Lights
LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Somebody To Love Me {Ft. Boy George & Andrew Wyatt}
National, The - Terrible Love
Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill
Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss
Wavves - King Of The Beach

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Travel stars

This article from the SMH could not be more spot on:

Your travel style Everyone loves travelling with a Virgo because they're so organised. They not only know what time the trains leave, they get you to the station with 30 minutes to spare and they've booked all the accommodation in advance. A Virgo's perfect holiday lets them exercise either their body or their mystical side.
Dream destination Germany is the spiritual home of all Virgos. It has romantic castles, world-class museums, beautiful countryside and the trains run on time.
Hotel heaven Virgos love Scandinavian design (all those clean lines), so Stockholm's Nordic Light Hotel fits their aesthetic. The Mood rooms, which come with adjustable coloured lighting, will appeal to their love of the esoteric.
Ultimate experience The trek through the Andes to Machu Picchu feeds Virgos' hunger for both physical and mental challenges: four days of hardcore hiking, followed by the mystical experience of watching dawn break over the ancient Incan citadel.
Travel hell Drop a Virgo in the middle of Delhi or Mumbai, or any Indian city and watch them crumble. The dirt, disorder and general chaos will sear their very soul.
I am pretty predictable.

2011 goals and musings

In the same way I loathe NYE I am not really into making resolutions. There is nothing worse than people who are 'gunnas.' You know, going to but this house, going to buy this car, going to lose this much weight, going to go on this holiday. Don't talk about it if you are going to do nothing about achieving it!

However, setting goals is something I want to become better at, and even better still at achieving them. At the moment the things I want to work towards this year are all really vague. I will aim to clarify and quantify them so I can measure them over the next few weeks.
In a very un-Virgo like slip up I forgot to get myself a diary before 2011 started. I thought I would have an iphone by now (yes I am the last person in the world to get one) and I'm feeling a bit lost organisation-wise.  The Moleksine one I always get I couldn't find in stores, but I bought it from Fishpond with free shipping and 57% off. Hopefully it is delivered fast.

My goals this year are pretty standard. What I want to do though is think about how I'm going to do them and what that will mean. Here is a start:


  • exercise more. I am not playing netball any more because of my knee and I can really feel the difference. I want to run! Boring I know, but I'm not even really concerned about my weight. I want to feel better and feel like I did when I was exercising with Nicole (my old PT) and motivated to do more myself
    • Finish the 'Couch to 5k' running plan. Using this podcast from Spod I want to get through the whole 9 weeks. Last time I got to week 5 before my knee bunged it, so I will take it easier at the start this time
    • Do a yoga class weekly. Flexibility! Mix in some Bikram with this outside of the gym 
  • eat better. As above, boring! We majorly overindulged in the weeks up to Christmas and boy can I feel it!
    • make food at home, eat out less
    • be organised and shop for what we need
    • meal plan
  • finish my Diploma finally! I have my last exam coming up in about 6 weeks and I just want to pass the thing to get it over and done with. Actually, I would like a Credit, minimum. Better get reading!
  • invest more in the sharemarket. My portfolio has been waaaay down, GFC stlyez, but things are really great at the moment. 
    • read more and learn more
    • keep the profits in my account and grow, grow, grow them
  • buy another investment property. I really don't now how achievable this one is in 2011 but at the very least I want to start working towards it
  • get my Bronze Medallion. Again, not sure if this will happen but work towards it at least
  • complete the City 2 Surf. I thought 2010 would be the year but my knee stopped all that. I will keep up the physio and see what I can do
  • see more movies, especially at the Dendy
  • do more crosswords and work on not forgetting words!
  • lastly but definitely not least, invest in my marriage. Things are amazing with Mr CB and I. We are beyond lucky to have each other. We love coming home to each other. We are each others best friend. I want to keep it all that way. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry 2011

So strange to write that! Time flies and time flies faster than ever it seems. 
Had a great 'break' even though I was working throughout. Lucky it was so quiet and I got to go out for breakfast with my man every day, hang out at the beach a LOT (the water has finally warmed above 15deg, yay), read a lot of mags and papers and watch a lot of TV series on DVD. 
We got through nearly all of our Bali DVDs and I even managed to get my husband as addicted to Gossip Girl as I was. I'm sooooo glad I have been so lazy in watching it because there is no way I could have waited over their break to see what happens to Chuck. "I'm Chuck Bass." Bless.

Christmas was great, we had such a cruisy day. Lunch went really well, the food was beautiful (if i do say so myself) and everyone got to have a relaxing day. We did pretty good for our first biggish thing at our place methinks. 
My lovely husband bought me Karen Walker jewellery- peace sign stud earrings and a necklace with a heart with an arrow through it, well done! He also got me a Tom Ford lipstick, which I am so rapt with that I cannot bear to use it and ruin the beautiful 'TF.' I am so lucky to have him and can just imagine him standing at the DJs counter picking out a colour for me!

Billy and I mucking around with the camera on Christmas day. He didn't want to smile for the camera. Don't you love my festive bow clip?

My grey toenails on an amazing summer's day
NYE was really quiet, we just hung out in our old backyard with out old neighbours. Mr CB managed to pour 2 bottles of the Moet we had bought for others and I barely had a glass out of each. Sometimes his generosity is frustrating! I left before even midnight, just wasn't in the mood, but I never am on NYE.

Mags and I sweating our bums off before the Rapture
I was extremely proud of myself for being in ready-to-fire form for NYD and we got to Field Day nice and early. Soooo much has improved since I last went. Heaps more bars, actual shade, places to rest my wear old lady legs. 
Though it was really hot it wasn't unbearable and I had such a great day hanging out with friends and just cruising around. I got a new The Rapture tshirt which I am in love with and Mr CB added to his Public Enemy tshirt collection.

Going there with such low expectations meant I had such a good time, even though there was a clash of three of the main acts I wanted to see. Marina and the Diamonds lost out to The Rapture, because as we decided, seeing them is a life choice, not a decision. Or something.
They are always so entertaining beyond imagine and never disappoint. I for some bizarre reason thought the singer had left but of course I was wrong. And the cowbell was like its own band member!

Flava Flav. So amazing. 

Mr CB was mainly (only) there for Public Enemy and he barely got up from our awesome seated spot before them. But they were worth going for alone. Amazing. I can't even think/ don't want to know how old they are, because they put acts half their age to shame. They got the crowd worked up like no other act I have ever seen, despite 99% of the kids going to see Justice on the main stage.


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