Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blogger is failing me

So I've been lazy. But the blame does not lie solely with me. For Blogger is not letting me upload my photos in all their dodgy, iphone glory. 

Sometimes they work, sometimes no cheese. WHY? I have google-ized the answer and tried all the suggestions but nothing. This is what I'm dealing with:

Lines through the piccies, colours wrong etc. WHY? Around the time of my birthday (waaaay back in September) it started happening and I thought it might sort itself out by now but alas not. I thought I'd give the new blogger layout a chance. I got the below two photos up but the rest look like rubbish. What to do?

Anyhoo, I will try and make the below two photos somewhat interesting. But I'm kinda over it. 
I took Mr CB to the Outpost at Cockatoo Island. It was such a great day out. Even romantical some might say. Probably not me. If you are a visitor to Sydney you must go and if you live here go play tourist for a day. And drink some cocktails at the Island Bar. I'd show you some photos of me doing just that but, well, you know. 

Kid Zoom Haunted House

Soy sauce metal thing. This is way bigger than it looks and swings around.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ASOS order #17865

Latest ASOS purchases arrived This week. What do you do when you get back from Europe with room in your suitcase? Go straight to ASOS of course! Apart form a few new tshirts and the below dress it's all work stuff which was a much needed injection!
Dress for a casualish wedding I have coming up

Peg leg trousers. Want about 5 pairs more of these. 

Bright blazer. Got so many compliments on this the first wear. 

Blue draped blazer. 

This shirt has tiny silver dots all over. Gorgeous. 

A (belated) Happy Birthday to me!

I haven't updated in ages, my Mac has been MIA. Long story, but my sis-in-law's (very techy) partner tried to fix our dodgy wireless and ended up resetting the modem so it couldn't be used. The poor dude was mortified, but he had our lappy for a few days and it's now super fast and super clean!

Anyway, it was my birthday last week. Feels like a lifetime ago, but let's recap. 
Marcel woke me up with a lick and an envelope tied to his collar. If it wasn't the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life I don't know what is. 

As blogger is failing me in the picture department I'll address that important matter later!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I may or may not have made Marcel a tumblr

Marcel Louis

How else is he supposed to keep up with all his Frenchie friends in Brooklyn? Lucky he's lost a bit of weight since he came back from his country holiday.

Tragic? Me?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Not my week

Gah. I am so furious at myself. Last week, smashed my iphone. Dropped it and it just shattered. Have dropped it a million times before but it landed face down. It still worked, just the glass was smashed, but I was having battery problems as well. Ever since we got back from overseas it hasn't held charge. So I booked in with the genius dudes at Bondi Apple. After seeing the pic of Marcel on my screen saver, the young chap and I chatted about dogs for a while, he told me usually they shine a light inside to see if the phone is water damaged but didn't even bother to do that. He said he'd replace it for me no charge, they had none in stock so I'd have to come back. Cool.
Friday afternoon I pick up the new phone. Awesome
Saturday afternoon, go out for drinks at the Norfolk to farewell Bel. I hadn't drunk much (too many rugby fans there), it wasn't late and was going to public transport it home. BUT it was freezing so I hopped in a cab.
The driver was so weird. Whinged the whole way about how it was a quiet day, he doesn't like my suburb, house prices in Sydney are too high blah blah. I had my phone out the whole time going 'mmm' and 'ah ha' at everything he said, he was too strange to argue with.
I get out of the cab, realise straight away I've left my phone in there, grab Mr CB's phone, call mine, cabbie answers, hangs up and turns my phone off.
I frantically do the 'find my iphone' software (after reading this article it was fresh in my mind. Software doesn't work. Google, find out it only works when the phone is on.
Realise I'm not getting my phone back, cancel sim, get told my weirdo at Optus it takes 24 hours. WHAT? Speak to someone else, it takes 20 minutes actually.
Mr CB, in his half asleep haze, asks me why I had my phone out in the cab anyway. Lost it a bit.
Come to grips with the fact that I have lost a phone that's 24 hours old. Curse, bang fists, do a million what-ifs?

Yesterday I was so cranky, hadn't slept, smashed our coffee plunger (a wedding present), ran into our coffee table, smashed my knee, broke the leg of it. Have minor breakdown. Spend the day on the couch feeling sorry for myself.

Watch 60 Minutes and see the Morcombe famiy and 9/11 recaps. Snap out of self pity and realise it's just a phone. Cry at unfairness of Daniel's fate and remarkable courage and determination of his parents.
Still can't watch footage of 9/11 without shaking my head and thinking it can't be real. I remember waking up in bed in the middle of the night having left the TV on, watching the planes hit the towers, turning the TV off and going back to sleep thinking it was a movie. Woke up a few minutes later for some reason and turned the TV back on, sat up til dawn watching it over and over.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trip update- purchases!

Slack slack slackity slack. 

Between catching up on random assorted admin that needs to be done ASAP when you are away for 6 weeks, being at a food exhibition that work is sponsoring and eating my way through cake samples all day and seeing friends that all seem to be moving overseas soon (sob) I have had zero time to blog. 

I am going to do my corporate best and break my updates into achievable goals. Today, purchases!

My idea to go mental with shopping overseas didn't happen. I bought some cute stuff and am happy with it all but my suitcase was nowhere near full if that sums it up. Oh wells. Not going back to Greece at the end was a big factor, I had a few things pegged to buy that I didn't want to drag around islands. So most of what I came back with were really safe purchases. Guess that's getting older.  

In that gigantor bag (that I sadly had to leave in London) is YSL Roady in black leather. Freaking love this thing. Had looked at it ages ago but decided it too grown up (for my irresponsible self) but Mr CB convinced me it was me all over. It's plain, classic and non it-bag-in-your-facey. Really comfy to hold, even when choc full of crap. Lots of comments on it already but no one knows what it is. Love that!
Primark green 6 pound top worn with. 
Mulberry wallet. Was really disappointed with the Mulberry bags in the UK. Everyone has one. But it's as though the new season stuff has just been churned out and is not very good quality. Oh wells, this wallet was the perfect size for me and I love that it's not black. 

Primark leopard scarf, Turkish cotton towels (ended up with a few more after these) and Greek gangster/ South American drug lord/ Jim-Carey-in-the-Mask white Panama hat. A necessity when it's 40+ every day.

Tod's suede loafers, Theory khaki shirt. We stumbled upon a designer sample sale on the way to Brick Lane one day and sadly the shirt was all I bought. Super cheap Vivienne Westwood, Paul & Joe etc but nothing was 'right'

Joseph navy shirt dress

Looking at these pics this stuff is so out of the norm of what I'd normally buy but I am already getting use out of it all. There are a few other Zara, Primark, Topshop bits and pieces but these are my faves. We bought a few 'homey' things, including the best best best 1900s silver claw tongs that I'll use in an ice bucket. 

I really think shopping in Australia is ruined for me forever. I have DJs vouchers, a staff discount to use and I still don't want to pay their cray cray prices. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm back!

The party's over. I am back in Sydney. Marcel has been collected, kissed and hugged to within and inch of his life, dragged away from his new BFF Oscar and his Nan who hand feeds him crumpets with honey. 

I miss:
- frappes
- 35 degrees every. single. day. 
- 10am ouzos
- rooftop hotel pools
- rooftop cocktails
- 2 breakfasts, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, after dinner snacks 
- swimming every day
- souvlaki
- massages

However I am so glad to be home. Me, Marcel and Mr CB live in a pretty rad part of the world. Coming home to my life was a great feeling. I even (gasp) miss work a bit. More on that and job offers while away later...

Here are some highlights of my gazillion pics:
at the Acropolis
at our Athens hotel rooftop bar with a cocktail. Don't ask what it was, I tried about 50 
on a boat to the Santorini volcano
sunset in Oia

our hotel in Firostefani, Santorini

Naomi Campbell's Russian billionaire boyf's yacht moored off our beach in Mykonons

Topkapi palace, Istanbul

hot air ballooning in Cappodoccia. Hello 4am
pretending-to-be-a-Russian pose in Pamukkale

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Greece tomorrow!

I'm finding it hard to get excited. I know I sound like a mega-ungrateful brat, but seriously, I miss Marcel so much it hurts. Already. We only got back from mum's this afternoon and I had a tear in my eye the whole way home. That's after the buckets I cried leaving and for the first 100kms.

I know he's going to be fine and have the BEST time with mum's golden retriever (and her I guess- ha!) but I MISS HIM. And he's a little city boy, I don't know if he's cut out for the country life.
The house is empty and so quiet. It's weird to type this and not have him nibbling on my toes. What did I ever do without him?

Anyway, we're all packed and ready to go. I am looking forward to the warm weather. It was minus three most of the way down yesterday. You get that when you leave home at 3am.

Here are a million gratuitous pictures of Marcel. Just because.

 Meeting Oscar for the first time

How vicious does he look?

Playing dress ups at Mum's shop

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pre-holiday madness

We leave for Greece on Sunday and I am only just getting organised. No spreadsheet/ timed to the minute itineraries like last Euro trip. Everything is booked and done now, so just trying to get everything tied up at work (and avoid taking anything new on) so I can relax into slug-like holiday mode. 

I did a pack the other day. This is what it looked like. Empty, right? I have now finished, chucked in what felt like only a few more things, and my bag is pretty much full. It means I am taking way too much, since the majority is summer clothes, but I'm struggling to take anything out. I will no doubt regret this as I want to buy HEAPS. 

Mr CB took me to the new patisserie near his work. OMG this nougat cakey was amazing. I have called cake cakey every since my trip to Japan where the adorable old woman who reenacted Three Billy Goats Gruff for my birthday called it that. I think it's because they pronounce the 'e's on the end of English words we keep silent. Cute. 

I have been actioning cold-weather foods like nobody's business. I will be none too glad to see the back of winter but love winter comfort food. Homemade bread rolls with an abnormally high sea salt ratio.
 A minestrone with chicken type arrangement that turned into more of a stew by the time I finished adding ingredients. Tasted delish, and more so the next day. Fally aprty chicken nom nom.

Magda is leaving. I won't see her again before I leave. Which means not again until Christmas when she comes back for a wedding. And then who knows? Her farewell gift included a cushion, with this photo printed 4 times, pop art style. She died. And I'm an idiot for not taking a photo of it. 

We acted juvenile for her specifically-for-me farewell on Saturday night at Freaky Tiki. The girls are DJing at Splendour for her 'proper' farewell but I won't be there. Wah. Festival Ladies DJing at Splendour? AMAZING. 
This graffiti was from a prior visit. It was not the only one. 
 Pleasure Chest cocktails.

I am off to do exciting things like go to the bank, go to the phone shop, bank a cheque (who sends cheques these days??) The glamour... 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

$5 mushroom cushions & khaki

Can you imagine the squee I had to hold in when I saw these babies? $5. Mushroom cushions. Need I say more? My manager is on paternity leave atm so I was in the office all day yesterday (the joys of being a boss). I succumbed pretty quick to the office trap of buying things at Westfields in your lunch break you don't really need. 
But it's a mushroom! And a cushion!
My friend from work scored the last sausage dog cushions that were squished down the back of the shop. I was jealous for about a second until I realised Marcel might be jelly. 

Seriously khaki is taking over my wardrobe. I have bought so few winter clothes. $29 on sale form Sportsgirl. Shocking pic but it's a really cute knit. 

$29 noise cancelling headphones from Officeworks. I tossed up the idea of getting 'proper' spensive ones but realised it was a bit of  waste. These babies will do me fine on the plane(s!).

Wow these buys sure make me look tight. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A faux hens, sunshine and desserts

It's Thursday morning and I am only just getting over the weekend. With work being so insane-o, time is flying. Less than 3 weeks til Greece!

Our amazing local coffee shop put on a dinner for us for Olgs' 'hens'. Plan was to have a lovely dinner and drink lots of champers. That happened, but the night ended like most other hens. There were penis straws. Good times.


Almond syrup cake with vanilla cream and PERSIAN FAIRY FLOSS. I am still thinking about it. 

Sunday night Mr CB and I went out for dins courtesy of my work. My boss told me to go ages ago, I almost forgot and realised in a panic it was almost June 30 and you know how expenses work...
Marcel was not too impressed about posing before we left. 
Dress: Country Road, Jacket: Topshop

Drunken dark photo taking of orange blossom donuts with champagne jelly. Why I ordered this God only knows, as the word 'champagne' was still turning my tum tum

Coffee, sunshine, dolphin watching and French Bulldog licks is a pretty good hangover cure

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ratcat, SCUBA, buys

I've been a bad blogger. End of fin year, weekends being taken up with extreme adventurous activity and staring at Marcel have me spent!

You haven't missed much, I'm afraid I've been rather boring of late. 

Here's what I've been up to:

Seeing Ratcat on Saturday night. Safe to say Simon Day is still a mega-dish and I would have his babies. It was such a fun gig, even though I wasn't into them when Blind Love went mega (I was 11!) I felt 15 again. I am pretty sure I was the youngest person there and everyone was so polite and friendly. Some girl accosted me in the toilets telling me she'd been looking at my pants all night (!) and where did I get them from. When I told her they were Sass & Bide rats she just looked really confused. 

They sound amazing, except for their last song, a cover of I Think We're Alone Now which the singer from the cover band came on stage for. She was TERRIBLE and not just because she was dancing all over Simon. Totally out of time and just too into herself to care that the audience were not there for her!  Mr CB put it more bluntly than I ever could by saying she is everything he hates about the Inner West. Harsh but fair.  Refreshing that they refused to do an encore, just said they needed a break because they were old and would be back in a minute! I've seen so many bands doing 'comebacks' or 'reunions' lately but these guys were clearly there for the love of it. Not money hungry, no band bust-ups, no drug problems. 
Red lips for Simon. They were actually really red in real life. 

On the weekend Mags and I FINALLY finished out SCUBA course. It was freezing, some of the people were so annoying and did not listen to anything, we didn't see any turtles,  Camp Cove is filthy dirty disgusting underwater, but we did it. Cannot wait to go diving in warm weather, where there are cool animals.

Mr CB and I snuck in a lunch at Jasmin in Bankstown. For those times when you just want a massive, garlicy feast there is no better place. $17 for a mixed plate two people can't finish. Amazing. Absolutely one of my favourite all time eats. The pic is from the Lebanese sweets cafe next door. I am always too excited, then very quickly too full to take photos of the actual food. Tip: go there at lunch time. You need at least 5 hours of digesting to feel human again. 

I bought a few things. Am not that fussed on them. Maybe because I can't really wear them yet. 
Top to bottom:
Stella McCartney for Target dress. Old range, wanted it for ages, $16 inc postage from ebay.
Kaftan arrangement thingy for Greece from the Samvara sale
Magali Pascal beaded tunic top from the Samvara sale. Plan on wearing this with rats and big boots to a hens on the weekend. 

I also bought some black moccasiny style ankle boots at the Samvara sale. Don't know what it is about that sale that always makes me buy things that are so not me. But somehow love. 


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