Friday, December 17, 2010


This week has been a shocker in the carpet burns household and surrounds. I dare say everyone's immune systems have packed up due to pre-Christmas indulgence. Mr CB and I have had a gross throat infection that has meant interrupted sleep for ages. Today I get a panicked phone call to ask if I can take Olga to the hospital because she has a temp of 42deg. Crazy. She looked like death. And after my night on the couch rolling around with period pain I am not much better:
My look= death. Even my cute new Dino Designs ring can't  brighten me up
I'll pop over and see if she's any better soon. Hopefully the drugs have started to sort her out.

Tonight is my work Christmas party. After our big awards bash a few weeks ago we have pretty low key department Christmas dos. Ours is a casino themed, gamble with fake money night.
I am ignoring the optional dress code since I have not thought about anything but cold fizzy drinks and ice blocks to ease my throat this week. Planning on wearing my Zimmermann tuxedo jumpsuit. Since it's suits for the boys this counts, right?

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