Friday, December 10, 2010

Have You Met Miss Jones?

 I met the owner of this business ages ago through work, so was busting to go to the sale that started today in Alexandria. Such gorgeous stuff, beautiful bone china and so discounted! This was my haul:

The vase in the middle has little butterflies along the top and is for my sis in law for Christmas. The little squirrel and dove votive are gifts for a housewarming I'm going to in Bondi tomorrow. One of the bamboo vases is going to be a gift, one is for me, but I just can't decide which one to keep. Dilemmas! 

I also popped into the Andrew & Joen sale at Paddo RSL, not expecting much because their shoes are clearly made for more delicate footsies than my big hoofers. But no need to worry, at $75 for two pairs I managed to rummage enough to find some. The sandals are really comfy and soft and the riding boots actually fit my weird ankle/ foot ratio. I also got a grey leather bag that is a weird size, kinda too big for a handbag but not sure if it's big enough for an overnighter. At $10 I couldn't leave it there! No!

In the mail today I got a postcard! I love postcards! This one is from my lovely friend Tamara who is in Chile. True story: she had booked the trip for the wedding of the girl she stayed with on exchange there years ago, but the wedding was postponed for the bride's nose job! Tam still went anyway, the trooper she is. She didn't climb the volcano in the pic though, so not that much of a trooper. 

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