Monday, December 6, 2010


Ridiculously amazing place. My plan of 'go up there for the weekend and Mr CB can get it out of his system' kind of backfired since I'm now super in love. Only dodgy photos since my rad camera was out of battery. Of course. 

 I Love Belly


Promised land

Some thoughts from the weekend:

Hearthfire woodfire sourdough. Hearthfire pumpkin and ricotta pies. Watching the sun go down at the Federal Hotel with a few $4 James Squire Golden Ales.  Bats out at nightfall, what a view they must have. Getting too full off free samosas at the pub to warrant going to the fancois dinner we had planned. 
Skatebowl by the river, cute skater boys everywhere. Live Hindu music at the pub mixed with some Johnny Cash covers. Looking at houses where the tenants have lots of underarm hair, chickens and lots of hammocks. Tapas plates. Locals who are super helpful and tell you all sorts of 'secret' places. Promised Land swimming holes. Crystal clear water, even the rocks at the bottom are pretty. 

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