Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Thought I would take a breather before anyone arrives and Mr CB is out surfing.

We are having lunch here and yesterday I slightly freaked out looking around as the place was a TIP but it's all good now. We're having about 10 people, and on the menu:
- antipasto platter, chips and dips
- grilled haloumi
- asparagus and spring onion tart (made yesterday, mostly to blame for the mess, in the fridge ready to be cooked)
- salad of zucchini, peas, mint, fetta and pine nuts
- rocket, cherry tomato and parmesan salad
- slow roasted Greek style lamb, been in the oven since about 7am and is smelling amazing
- Mr CB's oven roasted chips
- torronata with blueberries not raspberries as those babies were $9 a punnet. Also got some Cold Rock ice cream and jelly for the little dude. We were also going to have a big fruit salad but fruit was insanely exxy when I went shopping and I think that might be enough food!

Mr CB made me open my presents last night so this morning was a bit of an anticlimax and I ended up going for a walk. So strange to not be hungover on Christmas day and lucky for me as it is an amazing day out there!

I got a Tom ford lipstick (bless him!) Karen Walker peace sign earrings and a Karen Walker necklace of a love heart with arrows through it. Love!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My baby has arrived

Five beautiful French bulldog puppies born Sunday morning. How on earth are we going to choose one? 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend before Christmas

Crazy times. 

Friday night was my work Christmas party. After our big awards shindig a few weeks ago we have smaller, department parties and ours was at a Motor Boat club, casino themed, gambling with fake money. I thought this was a shite idea and assumed it was only because we weren't welcome at the actual casino. My work has a history of being 'banned' from quality establishments. I digress. 
The shite turned awesome when I totally dominated at Texas hold 'em poker. As in two straights in my first two hands. Totally going to become an online gambling addict. 
Dancing to bad pop and drinking cheap sparkles was totally good times and it was good to kick back with peeps I don't get to see that often any more not working in the office full time. I left after the party finished, did not kick on til sunrise like some others who shall remain nameless, because Saturday I was getting my hardcore on. 

No Sleep Til Sydney totally ruled. Amazing how my music taste is getting wider as I get older and my attraction to young tattooed boys wearing skinny jeans and Vans with no socks only grows. 

Me being hilarious with Keith 

Mags declared this her birthday event and after filling our Ribena squeezies at her office and collectively whingeing about out hangovers we were off to get all rowdy. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes kicked the day off in covertastic, matching-shirt-good-times. 
Frenzal Rhomb were major disappointment town. Too much unfunny banter and not enough golden hits. 
Alkaline Trio were tops, great singalongs. 
We only got to see the start of Gwar, 11/10 for costumes, but sadly missed the penis-squirting ending.
Parkway Drive kicked balls. Totally insane live and the most dedicated fans I have ever seen. So much that a kid had his head slashed open, got it stapled, and was back watching before the end of the set. So much so we saw a dude break his leg and was singing as he was taken away in a wheelchair.
Nofx were disappointing and didn't play a single song I knew. Bummer. 
The Descendents were everything everyone was telling me they would be and more. Their albums were released mostly before I was born and yet they had more energy than I have had in my lifetime. Just as entertaining were the dudes standing side of stage practically weeping in joy at seeing their idols. Pretty cool to get to see such icons on their first Aussie tour. 
The biggest let down of the day was that the Strawberry now closes its kitchen at 10pm. WTF is with that? Sadly that meant we saw some guy get his head belted in at the kebab shop across the road, so home time it was for me. After the hell of catching public transport home with the carols in the Domain peeps I slept like a baby.

Spanish chicken salad nom 
Sunday we had a really cruisy day and drove down to Thirroul so Mr CB could check out a surf shop and went to Scarborough pub for lunch. Food so yum. I had a salad to counteract the amount of sugar I had consumed through Gatorade recoveries but managed to steal lots of husband's smashed potatoes. 
The smell of beer in the pub was very troubling to me, but I think the fresh air did me some good.

Friday, December 17, 2010


This week has been a shocker in the carpet burns household and surrounds. I dare say everyone's immune systems have packed up due to pre-Christmas indulgence. Mr CB and I have had a gross throat infection that has meant interrupted sleep for ages. Today I get a panicked phone call to ask if I can take Olga to the hospital because she has a temp of 42deg. Crazy. She looked like death. And after my night on the couch rolling around with period pain I am not much better:
My look= death. Even my cute new Dino Designs ring can't  brighten me up
I'll pop over and see if she's any better soon. Hopefully the drugs have started to sort her out.

Tonight is my work Christmas party. After our big awards bash a few weeks ago we have pretty low key department Christmas dos. Ours is a casino themed, gamble with fake money night.
I am ignoring the optional dress code since I have not thought about anything but cold fizzy drinks and ice blocks to ease my throat this week. Planning on wearing my Zimmermann tuxedo jumpsuit. Since it's suits for the boys this counts, right?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Have You Met Miss Jones?

 I met the owner of this business ages ago through work, so was busting to go to the sale that started today in Alexandria. Such gorgeous stuff, beautiful bone china and so discounted! This was my haul:

The vase in the middle has little butterflies along the top and is for my sis in law for Christmas. The little squirrel and dove votive are gifts for a housewarming I'm going to in Bondi tomorrow. One of the bamboo vases is going to be a gift, one is for me, but I just can't decide which one to keep. Dilemmas! 

I also popped into the Andrew & Joen sale at Paddo RSL, not expecting much because their shoes are clearly made for more delicate footsies than my big hoofers. But no need to worry, at $75 for two pairs I managed to rummage enough to find some. The sandals are really comfy and soft and the riding boots actually fit my weird ankle/ foot ratio. I also got a grey leather bag that is a weird size, kinda too big for a handbag but not sure if it's big enough for an overnighter. At $10 I couldn't leave it there! No!

In the mail today I got a postcard! I love postcards! This one is from my lovely friend Tamara who is in Chile. True story: she had booked the trip for the wedding of the girl she stayed with on exchange there years ago, but the wedding was postponed for the bride's nose job! Tam still went anyway, the trooper she is. She didn't climb the volcano in the pic though, so not that much of a trooper. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blood donor rejection

The blood bank is in town on Friday so I called to make an appointment. Wanted to do it before I get my anniversary tattoo booked in to get another donation.
Sadly I was rejected for having been to Indonesia and I have to wait til the end of January. Spew. Now I know how my pommy friend feels, who can't give blood for fear of mad cow.

Reallllllly want to get tattooo ASAP and don't want to wait. Feel sad that I won't be able to give blood for a long time though.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Ridiculously amazing place. My plan of 'go up there for the weekend and Mr CB can get it out of his system' kind of backfired since I'm now super in love. Only dodgy photos since my rad camera was out of battery. Of course. 

 I Love Belly


Promised land

Some thoughts from the weekend:

Hearthfire woodfire sourdough. Hearthfire pumpkin and ricotta pies. Watching the sun go down at the Federal Hotel with a few $4 James Squire Golden Ales.  Bats out at nightfall, what a view they must have. Getting too full off free samosas at the pub to warrant going to the fancois dinner we had planned. 
Skatebowl by the river, cute skater boys everywhere. Live Hindu music at the pub mixed with some Johnny Cash covers. Looking at houses where the tenants have lots of underarm hair, chickens and lots of hammocks. Tapas plates. Locals who are super helpful and tell you all sorts of 'secret' places. Promised Land swimming holes. Crystal clear water, even the rocks at the bottom are pretty. 


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