Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanks you weather!

What a glorious Sydney day. Honestly there is just no comparison to the days we get like this.
Apart from living in Hawaii where they have an ozone layer, this is pretty tops.

This morning I was facebook-browse-stalking when I came across some snaps from an ex-friends holiday in Fiji. It was a timely reminder to always wear sunscreen and a hat, since man she is looking old!

Had my hair done on Thursday, had a lot darker foils put through, especially around my hairline which means extra weeks out of my colour. Love love love the colour but it has mega faded on first wash. I don't think brunetteism is in my near future. It has grown so so much.
When we got back from overseas last year I had a mega chop and it was really short, choppy and couldn't get it behind my ears. Today I have it all up in a high bun. Craziness.

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