Monday, November 1, 2010

Cudo, horses and the Greece

Have you checked out Cudo yet? I know it's a pain in the num to have to sign up to but the deals are amazing! In the last week or so I have bought vouchers for:
  • a 5 course banquet for two including a bottle of wine from Tokonoma for $99 (!!!)
  • 12 gourmet cupcakes from Ghermez at Bondi for $12, and today
  • a $4 take home box from Cold Rock
yes, this is encouraging unnecessary purchasing, but in the best possible way. 

Tomorrow is horses day. Meeting in the morning then off to the pub for a 'work' lunch. Tough life. If only I wasn't chairing a day full of meetings on Wednesday I would take full advantage. Oh, maturity. 
My money will probably be on Descarado. Betting on So You Think would be boring, right?

My leave for the Greece (as Billy is calling it) was approved today. Party! Slightly longer than I actually have in AL and slightly earlier than I initially told my boss I was leaving but approved nonetheless. 
Will book tomorrow after Mr CB confirms his leave, likely with Singapore who are reasonably priced and have good connections. Note to Etihad: a 9 hour wait in Abu Dabhi from midnight- 9am is not desirable!


  1. damn i would have liked that tokonoma voucher.
    where are the sookie pics pls?

  2. I knooow can't wait to use it.

    Can you believe I didn't take any piccies? Boo to me.

  3. cudo You guys out there are performing a great job.



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