Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday ramblings

I am waiting for my pastizzis to cool down, on my mind:

  • what a lazy dinner. But so yum
  • cross your fingers and toes people, my netty grand final is tonight. Ez has a dodgy ankle, but is taking one for the team and strapping, we need the players!
  • am in a conundrum..... Spongebob or Sookie for Halloween? Spongebob would be so fun, maybe not to make, but the 5yo host of the party I am going to will die (Rachel Zoe style, not literally). Sookie means Mr CB can go as Bill (alas, he is more a Bill than an Eric or an Alcide) but I will kinda feel boring in shorts and a tshirt, won't I?
  • I am really sore from yoga last night. Poor core doesn't know what hit it
  • it's October. Where is the sun?
Pastizzis are ready!


  1. you could really ham sookie up with a really trashy outfit, lots of blood on your neck and a gap in your teeth. hehe.

  2. yes!!!! am thinking this is the way-to-go. purchased my waitress apron from ebay. the gap could be interesting...



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