Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Possums! Not cute!

This is the ratbag that is responsible for herb destruction:
Not cute!

I have laughed off Mr CB's obsessive possum checking. Rolled my eyes every time he jumped off the lounge to turn on the outside lights after hearing a 'noise.' But enough's enough. It's war people!

Last night this critter was happily munching away on my kale with me sitting not 2m away. Oblivious. Even when I stood at the big glass doors he just looked at me. He soon scooted off quick smart when Mr CB started banging the broom and the mop (that he had just so happened to have left right at the laundry door) together and making almighty sorts of noise levels.

You have been warned, possum. Stay away from my herbs!


  1. would one of those motion sensor lights work? or would that just get annoying :S

  2. ooh that's an idea! though he doesn't seem to be worried about lights... but it's worth a shot. ps your dog is adorable!



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