Sunday, October 17, 2010

At the risk of sounding all Jamie Durie

I love my 'Outdoor Room.' Since when did balconies, backyards etc become 'rooms?' Whatevs, our terrace is the most used place in our home. The minute we stepped out there during the open inspection (well actually, probably when we saw the photo online if truth be told) the place was sold. The privacy, quietness, ocean breeze... I can kinda understand why the local possums use it as their evening playhouse. 

Today is such an amazing Sydney day I might even pop out and but a magazine about rooms. Outside. 


  1. haha I find the concept of an "outdoor room" very strange. I can't wait until summer to make use of our balconies it feels so nice to relax in the sun

  2. I wish I lived somewhere where the outdoors was viewed as something other than 'that freezing wet place you must run through to get from the car to the building'!!!

  3. aw but you get to wear lovely winter clothes! we don't get a 'proper' enough winter for me to justify it



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