Saturday, October 23, 2010

Umm how do travel agents stay in business?

Went to see Olga's agent this morning who has been holding her flights. Well, 8 return trips for 4 people. No wonder no flights were 'available' when this is what they do.
Singapore had nothing available, so she quoted us to fly into Athens and out of London $2399 with Thai. Nothing cheaper on Etihad or Emirates.

Got home, went straight on the internet and found flights with Singapore for slightly cheaper, but the EXACT SAME flights with Thai for $2153 each. Plus a $18 booking fee. Sheesh. Wonder how I'll book?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Midweek party times in the CB household

There was a wine waiting for me when I got to the top of the stairs yesterday. Needless to say it was not the last. Sore head today.

To accompany the wine, Mr CB made ocean trout. I am not a huge seafood lover and always feel ungrateful and as though it is wasted on me. But he loves it. And it was super healthy. Sacrifices.

Yesterday I had a bit of time to kill between appointments. By a bit I mean 4 hours.  I also had to go from West Ryde to Crows Nest, so did some looksying along the way and picked up this baby at Vinnies for $5. Isn't he pretty? He's definitely a boy. Am consumed thinking of what colour to paint him. And what to name him.

New horsey

Have you seen Grover do the Old Spice man? 
'I'm on a horse'

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday ramblings

I am waiting for my pastizzis to cool down, on my mind:

  • what a lazy dinner. But so yum
  • cross your fingers and toes people, my netty grand final is tonight. Ez has a dodgy ankle, but is taking one for the team and strapping, we need the players!
  • am in a conundrum..... Spongebob or Sookie for Halloween? Spongebob would be so fun, maybe not to make, but the 5yo host of the party I am going to will die (Rachel Zoe style, not literally). Sookie means Mr CB can go as Bill (alas, he is more a Bill than an Eric or an Alcide) but I will kinda feel boring in shorts and a tshirt, won't I?
  • I am really sore from yoga last night. Poor core doesn't know what hit it
  • it's October. Where is the sun?
Pastizzis are ready!

Possums! Not cute!

This is the ratbag that is responsible for herb destruction:
Not cute!

I have laughed off Mr CB's obsessive possum checking. Rolled my eyes every time he jumped off the lounge to turn on the outside lights after hearing a 'noise.' But enough's enough. It's war people!

Last night this critter was happily munching away on my kale with me sitting not 2m away. Oblivious. Even when I stood at the big glass doors he just looked at me. He soon scooted off quick smart when Mr CB started banging the broom and the mop (that he had just so happened to have left right at the laundry door) together and making almighty sorts of noise levels.

You have been warned, possum. Stay away from my herbs!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

At the risk of sounding all Jamie Durie

I love my 'Outdoor Room.' Since when did balconies, backyards etc become 'rooms?' Whatevs, our terrace is the most used place in our home. The minute we stepped out there during the open inspection (well actually, probably when we saw the photo online if truth be told) the place was sold. The privacy, quietness, ocean breeze... I can kinda understand why the local possums use it as their evening playhouse. 

Today is such an amazing Sydney day I might even pop out and but a magazine about rooms. Outside. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Massive sigh of motherfucking relief. The money is back in my account.
Called the bank yesterday to see what was going on, they are meant to notify within 21 days. Fail. Turns out they were a month behind and had not even looked at my claim. Not even the times I had called up to see if they were waiting on anything from me.
I can't even be angry at the moment, such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Up side to a chaotic week. Deep breath.

PS Sushi Suma tonight. Could not be more excited to see the gals and demolish a kaiso salad.

PPS How amazing is the Laneway lineup? Though I already knew, am super stoked for Magski how awesome the reaction has been to it. Can't wait.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Animal Farm

I just watched this story on ABC about Jan Cameron, the founder of Kathmandu and her life as an animal activist since selling the business in 2006 for $280m. I know.
I cannot handle seeing animals being treated badly and this was disturbing but also very heartwarming.

I am a pretend vegetarian. Ie, I am very, very selective about the meat I eat but I cannot call myself a vego. I was a full on vego for a couple of years in my teens, but it really didn't agree with me and I was miserable. This was before the days of organics, free range etc, and although I felt a constant guilt at my meat- eating, I knew I was better off eating it than not. These days I don't eat a lot of meats- veal and pork are big no nos for me.

Anyways, I am now going to be thinking of living on a farm (but not in Tas, way too cold for big woozy me) and being followed around by pigs, piglets, little horses and big dogs. Bless.

On the weekend we did lots of holiday discussions. Greece/ Turkey (+extras) here we come in 2011. Mr CBB is adamant we are not booking a trip to so far as the end of the street if we don't get the money back from my CC, but I am of the view that it will happen. It seemed like such a pipe dream when we started talking about it, but earlybirds to Euro have to be booked by the 30th of October, so must get onto it, ASAP.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Day Out or In?

What number can be before a '0' before you are too old for the BDO? I have ranted/ threatened for years that this will be my last year... but still gone. I'm not overly stoked on the lineup but will probs go this year because it's Olga's bday. Lucky, imagine being born on Australia Day. The nation is obligated to celebrate!

I made a banana bread last night (how did 3 bunches of ripe bananas get to my kitchen) and cannot. stop. eating. it. Best ever. Probably stops being healthy after the 3rd or 4th slice, right?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shh... little purchases

I know I know I know. Meant to be in a post-holiday/ preh-holiday savings spree but I couldn't resist these bargains at 50% off from Citybeach. Godammit Vogue forum and your bargain- directing ways!

But they were super cheap and I was in desperate need of a new bikini and it is super cute. And shipping shared is shipping halved, right?

Back to savings exile I go.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Does anyone care about the outcome of this game?

I don't. Yes I am half watching it. No I do not care.
Why does NSW get Jess Mauboy miming when VIC gets Lionel Ritchie?

I do not care if the Roosters win but I would like St George to lose, mainly because of idiot Gasnier. It should be like netball where if you aren't registered at the start of the season you can't play in the finals. So there.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Nuns Breakfast
In a very risky departure from the norm, we didn't have breakfast at Ham this morning. I know. Shock. 
The rain sent us indoors, back to a long forgotten former regular. The Nuns Pool, you are back baby!

Corn fritters, grilled tomato, sauteed mushrooms, avo, sour cream and spinach. Mr CB had salmon instead of mushies. Mine was better. 

Heading to the Warren View for some footy action this afternoon. Rain= the inner west to me lately. I hope to ignore all forms of sport this weekend, making me the real winner. 

PS don't forget to watch the original Wall St tonight. Exciting life times! I want to get a dog and call it Gordon Gekko. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Babushkas in my ears

Today was lovely. I went up to Newport for a meeting with one of my biggest customers. She was leaving, now she's not. The Northern Beaches were just so nice in this weird arse weather we are having. No one there. Loved it.

Then a $6 club lunch with my friend Lisa and her ratbag/ adorable girls. I got a belated birthday present of wine (yippee) and some cute as pairs of earrings from her new business. I am 99% sure they are meant for kids but is that going to stop me putting babushkas or penguins in my ears? Hell no!

Home cooked Greek dinner tonight at Olga's. Awesome not just for her cooking skillz, but also for the 100m stumble home around the corner.


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