Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend with no leader

I tried really hard not to get worked up about the election, truly. I didn't even want to watch the coverage. I banned Mr CB from watching also, as he is a foreigner, not entitled to vote, and therefore not entitled to whinge. That all went out the window at about 6pm when I couldn't take my eyes from Melissa Doyle's flesh coloured top as a start and went downhill from there. Cannot believe the result. Well I can, but still riveting. 613,000 informal votes is a disgrace.
Am already sick of hearing the Greens and their carry on. I truly wonder how many people who voted for them know of a policy of theirs other than support for gay marriage, and how many of those realise their vote more than likely went to Labour who don't support it?
Am loving Rob Oakeshot sick, but would really, really like Joe Katter to shut the heck up already. 

Anyway, in lighter news, my weekend (when not screaming at the TV) looked like this:

We had the Beast for a sleep over on Friday night because parents of the Beast were off to Melbourne for the weekend. A 5:30am wake up call on Saturday with a scream in my face and another of the many body blows I received through the night. How can a 5yo take up so much room?
An early morning ride at Sydney Park- that kid's track is awesome. The Beast even obeyed traffic rules. I know. Brunch at Digikaf where the girls were more than entertained by his antics. The quesadillas are becoming pretty average, may have to move onto something else. Dev.
The beast
There was a lot of cooking in the CB household on Sunday. Mr CB's favourite, Greek rice pudding was made in bulk. Gross. Cannot believe how much of this stuff he can put away.
Rice pudding, ick
Babaganoush in the making
Berry Friands

In other news I can't get into the hairdressers until NEXT WEDNESDAY. Clearly nothing good can come from this week. 

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