Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goings away

Let's not discuss this God-awful Sydney weather and talk about my upcoming weekend in Melbourne instead. Plans:

  • do the sneaky 'work from home' on Friday, fly down in the morning. 
  • check into the Como (la la) and collect the duck as instructed by an experienced Como- goer
  • spend Friday at Tim Burton exhibition 
  • Friday night dinner at Hellenic Republic. No doubt George will be there and I will tell him all about my Greek rice pudding that is apparently better than Frida's (aka the best Greek cook in the universe) and we will become great friends
  • Saturday, after digesting food, swan around shopping and at some stage go to Little Creatures Dining Hall where all of Mr CB's beer dreams will come true
  • Fill whatever available tummy space we have left with a late breakie and fly home Sunday
Good times! Be gone Sydney cold and rain! I expect Melbourne to be cold and miserable weather wise, this is acceptable. 

Mind you, the weekend brought temperature rises of about 400 degrees, and it seemed every man and his dog descended on my suburb in far too little clothing in shock. So this rain has some benefits. 


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